Exclusive Life Cover

Exclusive Life Cover

We have a wide range of life insurance products provided by different underwriters, that a client can choose from. However, we have an in-house life insurance product that is underwritten by Botswana Life. It is important to get in touch with us for any clarity on the below product, and other fantastic options we have in our offices before making a decision. It’s an exclusively informed way, to make a decision.

Exclusive Life cover packages are designed to provide an inclusive, relevant solution for professionals. Our packages have additional optional disability cover to ensure financial peace of mind in the event of capital disability. Exclusive packages provide our clients with choice and variety to meet their needs.

The minimum eligibility requirements at entry level to qualify for our range of life cover products are:

  • Age: Minimum 18 years - Maximum 55 years
  • Income: Single
  • Minimum: BWP 6 000.00
  • Income: Joint (Married)
  • Minimum: BWP 8 000.00

  • Maximum entry age is 55 years. However, the policy covers you for a term of your choice till the age of 70
  • It has affordable premiums starting from BWP 114 and you can get a maximum cover of BWP 500, 000.00
  • In the event that you have an injury and, because of it, are no longer able to work, the capital disability cover will pay out a lump sum to you
  • It has no medical underwriting or HIV test